10th May to 9th June 2024

WEEKDAYS (Wednesday to Thursday) :

Dinner sessions : 5pm / 7pm

WEEKENDS (Friday included) :

Lunch sessions : 11:30am / 1:30pm

Dinner sessions : 5pm / 7pm / 9pm


28th June to 28th July 2024

WEEKDAYS (Wednesday to Thursday) :

Dinner sessions : 5pm / 7pm

WEEKENDS (Friday included) :

Lunch sessions : 11:30am / 1:30pm

Dinner sessions : 5pm / 7pm / 9pm


What is the melted cheese experience?

The RACLETTE MELTED CHEESE IGLOO is an authentic foodie experience. For $99 per person, book your own private warm igloo. Share an authentic French Raclette around a table for 6 or 8 people. The experience includes Raclette cheese and everything that goes with it: Charcuterie (cold cuts), potatoes, cornichons (pickles) as well as a mulled wine per person.

What is the fire pit ?

Enjoy the Fire Pit after a good Raclette! Roast all-you-can-eat marshmallows on skewers around the fire pit. Perfect place for people sensitive to the cold or just craving marshmallows!

When is it? What are the opening hours?

Adelaide, from 10th May to 9th June, 2024:

On weekdays (Wednesday to Thursday), we have three dinner sessions at 5pm and 7pm.

On weekends (including Friday), we have two lunch sessions at 11:30am and 1:30pm, as well as three dinner sessions at 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm.

We recommend making a reservation in advance to ensure availability for your preferred session.

Where is it?

In Adelaide, the experience will take place at Adelaide Festival Plaza.

In Sydney, the location is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Can I BYO drinks or food?

No alcohol from outside will be allowed inside the venue. The event is not licensed for BYO so you won’t be allowed to bring alcohol or hot food into the premises.

However, we understand that special occasions call for special treats, so we would be happy to help you arrange a cake or any other special items for your celebration. Just let us know how we can assist you, and we’ll do our best to make your experience with us a memorable one!

Is there a vegetarian and vegan options?

For our Raclette experience, we do offer a vegetarian option which includes Raclette cheese, potatoes, and pickles without charcuterie.

Unfortunately, we do not have a vegan option as cheese is the main ingredient in the dish.

Unfortunately, we do not have a lactose-free option as Raclette is a cow’s milk cheese and it is the main ingredient of the dish.

We have a non-alcoholic version of mulled wine with grape juice, and we also have other soft drinks available.

Is the food gluten-free?

Yes, all our menu is gluten-free!

What kind of meat will be served?

You will be served a 1kg charcuterie platter that includes Salami, Jambon Blanc (white ham), Prosciutto, and Bresaola.

Can I book for less than 6 people?

Raclette is culturally a social event and not a date night. The essence of our event is to bring together your friends and family to share laughter and savour delicious food in each other’s great company. For this reason, we require a minimum group size of 6 people. We have 2-person reservations in our semi-private igloos, but if you’d like a private igloo with only 2 people, you’ll still need to be pay the minimum 6 people requiredWe can’t wait to welcome you to our melted cheese wonderland! If you’re keen on attending with a group of less than 6 people, the minimum cost will still be that of 6 people.

Can I book the experience on-site?

Unfortunately, we do not sell tickets on-site, so it’s essential that you arrive with a prior reservation. We highly recommend booking online before coming to ensure availability and a hassle-free experience.

Are there any age restrictions on this event?

We absolutely welcome kids at our event! Children who are under 6 years old can eat for free, and we’re happy to accommodate groups with children as well. Just remember that for groups with children, a minimum payment for 6 people is required, and the maximum group size is 8 guests including the kids.

We have a non-alcoholic version of mulled wine made with grape juice, as well as other soft drinks available, so everyone can enjoy the festivities together!

What happens if it rains or there is a storm?

Don’t worry, we have you covered and rain won’t spoil your Raclette Igloo experience! You’ll still be warm and cozy inside your igloo, watching the rain fall outside, it couldn’t get more European, as you enjoy the cheese melting.

Be sure to follow @racletteigloo on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on any program changes due to a VERY bad weather.

Can I modify my booking?

Yes, we understand that unforeseen circumstances could arise, and we will do our best to accommodate any changes. However, we require at least 7 days’ notice to make any changes. We will do our utmost to find a suitable solution for you, but please note that we can only offer timings that are available and may not be able to provide the exact availability you requested.

What's the refund policy?

Refunds are allowed up until 7 days before the beginning of the event. In Adelaide, the deadline for refunds is May 3rd; in Canberra, in Sydney, the deadline is June 21st. We will do our best to accommodate any changes to your time, date, or number of guests.

After the deadline, refunds are not possible, and changing your time, date, or number of guests could be very complicated. However, you can transfer your booking to another party.

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.


If you have Covid-19 symptoms, you can still attend as long as you wear a mask. Please note that the refund policy still stands.

Is Raclette Igloo an accessible event?

Yes. Accessible patrons can enjoy the Raclette Igloo experience with friends and family. Accessible toilets are also available.

Can I bring pets?

Don’t get it wrong, we love our furry friends, but with kids around and the strong smell of the cheese, we feel like it’s more appropriate to keep them home. But of course, guide dogs are allowed. 

Is smoking allowed?

To ensure a pleasant experience for all guests, only the smoke from the Raclette grill is allowed. Smoking and the use of electronic smoking devices are not permitted next to your igloo. You will be invited to go to the designated smoking area. Thank you for your cooperation!